November 25, 2009

The Bright Eyes in City / Ellen Sin-tung Lau

In an empty tram, on a freezing night,
Her sparkling eyes look up to the sky,
But gliding ghosts shimmer across her eyes,
She views only the fluorescent shines.

With frames of windows and grids of tram wires,
Her sky is fragmented into hundreds of pies,
But lines become easel and magic brushes arise,
Van Gogh revives, paints Starry Night in her mind.

Inside a tidy room, in a tall building among skyscrapers,
Her slander body peacefully leans on a huge Nutcracker,
She sights Jardine’s outlook through the transparent glass,
But scenery is eclipsed by the blocks of high-classes.

With high-rise buildings and rays from the windows,
Her mountain is covered with lights and shadows,
But they become spotlights setting in a grand theatre,
Ballerina appears, dances with the Christmas Nutcrackers.

Speedy, bounded and packed modern city,
Sights and feelings are framed, what a pity!
But billions of eyes, peep out amid the sky,
Hopes and imaginations arrive time by time.

Enchantments appear with their bright, shiny eyes.

Ellen Sin-tung Lau is a student from CLIT2018 Critiques of Modernity 2008-2009 second semester.

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